Black Xbox 360 Best Console Price

Black Xbox 360

Black Xbox 360

Black Xbox 360

The Black Xbox 360 slim console is the most advanced Xbox yet. This sleek and slender black console is a lot smaller than the previous Xbox 360 Elite model. This console maybe smaller but comes packed with more features.

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The Original Black Xbox

The new matte black console looks a lot different to the original black Xbox. Released in 2001, the Xbox was the most powerful gaming console around. It may not have had the looks, but it packed a gaming punch like no other. The machine had some great launch titles, such as Halo: Combat Evolved and the first Project Gotham Racing. Compared to the black Xbox 360 controller of today, the original was a massive, chunky version, which didn’t fit too snugly in your hands.

The White Xbox 360

In November 2005 the white Xbox 360 was released. This console allowed you to play Xbox 360 games in high definition. It also had a removable hard drive for the first time. This became an optional extra when bought, as you could get an Arcade version without a hard drive. This console was launched with games such as Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2, Kameo: Elements of Power and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

The Black Xbox 360

2007 marked the arrival of the Xbox 360 Elite. This returned to the black colour of old and came with a bigger hard drive.  One year later a new interface arrives for the dashboard. This introduced Avatars for the first time.

In 2010 the Xbox 360 Slim is released. The newest Xbox has integrated Wi-Fi, loads of ports, including a dedicated connection for the Kinect motion sensor. On the 4th of November, of the same year, the Kinect sensor is released. You could purchase this alone or in a bundle deal with a new black Xbox 360. Eight million Kinect devices were sold in the first two months of release and it became the fastest-selling electronic device.

Limited Edition Consoles

If you fancy something completely different then you could always go for a Limited edition console.  These are usually themed around big Xbox 360 games. Most recently there was a Modern Warfare 3 limited edition and a Gears of War 3 limited edition. These consoles both have a massive 320GB hard drive, which is the largest of any Xbox. They will usually come with two customized wireless controllers and a copy of the game the console is themed on. When compared to black Xbox 360 prices then these can be quite expensive.

When looking to the future, it is not clear if the next generation console will be the same colour and shape as the current black Xbox 360, but I am sure it will be very desirable.

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