Xbox 360 Slim 250gb Best Console Deal

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

The Xbox 360 slim 250gb console is currently the best black Xbox model available to buy. Find out the best price availability right here.

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Xbox 360 Slim Console

This console comes equipped with everything you need in a modern day gaming system. This slim version has a large 250GB hard drive, which is small, lightweight and removable.  It will allow you to save games and store games rather than reading from the game disc.The big hard drive will also give you enough space to store your music and movies.

The unit comes with built in Wi-Fi and so now you are able to place your Xbox anywhere in the home, as long as you have a wireless router. You can still hard wire the console, to the Ethernet port, if you don’t have a wireless connection. This is always the best way to connect to the internet where possible.

This latest version comes in a black matte finish. The previous version was a Gloss finish, but has now been discontinued as this seemed to show too many smudges and fingerprints.

This new slim Xbox 360 comes with touch buttons for switch on and for opening the disc tray. It is also is a lot quieter than previous models and so it is not as noisy when watching a DVD movie on it.

The console comes with a matching black wireless controller and headset. You get 5 USB ports, a HDMI port for High Definition gaming. If you do not have a HD TV then you do get a composite A/V cable for a standard definition picture.

There is a dedicated port for the Kinect sensor. You can also buy an Xbox 360 slim 250gb Kinect bundle which will include the Kinect sensor. This can be cheaper than buying the console and sensor separately.

Xbox Live

Most new Xbox consoles will come with a free month of Xbox Live Gold membership. This is the online service for the console. With a Gold membership you can play games against, or with, other people online. You can watch movies and sports and use social media sites like facebook and twitter. With Xbox Live you can download extra content for games or even download a complete new one. You can also download demos of new games for free and try them before you buy them.

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb Review

The Xbox 360 slim console is an overall great gaming machine. It has fantastic games to choose from and provides great multiplayer experiences online. You can make this console the centre of your entertainment hub and with its smaller sleek design; it can fit just about anywhere.

Are there any bad points? Well, you do have to pay a small price for the Xbox Live Gold membership to benefit from the online capabilities and it only comes with a DVD drive and not a Blu-ray one. You can however, watch HD movies downloaded or streamed from the internet.

The older white Xbox 360 model was quite well known for the ‘Ring of death’ fault, where you got all 4 red lights around the power on button. You had to send the console back to Microsoft to get it fixed and they would repair it free of charge, even when out of its warranty. Microsoft has seemed to have learnt their lesson on this, and the newer models, like the Xbox 360 slim 250gb, are now more reliable than they used to be. The console does come with a 1 year warranty if you do experience any problems.

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