Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle Best Deal

Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle

Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle

Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle

The Xbox 360 4gb Kinect bundle is one of the best ways to start or continue your Xbox gaming experience. Everything you need is in one box including a game to get you going.

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Xbox 360 4gb Console

First off the bundle comes with the new slimmer designed black Xbox 360. This model comes with 4gb of flash memory which is enough to store many save games and profiles. If you require more space you can always add a 250gb or 320gb hard drive later on.

It comes with built in 802.11n Wi-Fi which is an improvement on the last model as you had to buy a separate Wi-Fi wireless adaptor. It still comes with an Ethernet port if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi, and allows you to plug an Ethernet cable in directly to connect to the internet. Having an internet connection allows you to access Xbox Live.

The black wireless controller that comes with the Xbox 360 4gb is battery powered but you can buy a rechargeable battery pack if you find you start going through too many batteries.  The HDMI output allows you to view true HD on a nice big High definition TV. There are also 5 USB ports to connect other devices as flash drives, wired controllers and mp3 players.

 Xbox 360 Kinect 4gb Sensor

Included in the 4gb kinect bundle is the Kinect sensor. This simply plugs in to the dedicated port on the rear of the console. All you have to do is place the sensor near the centre of your TV and make sure you have enough space to play (around 6ft) and you are ready to go.

The features of the sensor device include microphones to allow voice recognition, a depth and motion camera and has body recognition. It will also connect to older versions of the Xbox 360 but you would need an extra power cable

The Xbox 360 4gb with Kinect helps to combine the most total gaming experience. The sensor, makes gaming controller free and it gives your body the chance to interact with what is going on with the video game on your TV screen.

You can also control menus with hand gestures and also use your voice to control the opening of the disc tray and then tell it to play the game.

Xbox 360 4gb Kinect bundle overview

The bundle comes with a free game which at the moment is usually Kinect Adventures.   This has a variety of different types of games on one disc and will have your body jumping, dodging, reacting and kicking through some amazing adventure scenarios.

Buying an Xbox 360 4gb Kinect bundle is usually cheaper than buying the items separately and one of the best ways to experience motion control gaming.

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