Dishonored Preview

Dishonored Preview

Dishonored Preview

Dishonored preview

Dishonored is a new video game by developer Arkane studios and will be released on the 9th October 2012. This will be available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

This is an adventure game in the first-person mould with healthy dose of stealth and action.



Dishonored is set in Dunwall which is a steampunk city that is full of corruption. This is more of a thinking man’s first-person shooter and the style of the game can be likened to BioShock.

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You play Corvo Atano, an assassin after revenge. Corvo has been framed for the killing of the City’s Empress whom he was once employed to protect.

In the game you can choose whether to take the stealth approach or go for the all out action. This then allows you to tackle situations in different ways. This means there is no exact way of having to play the game and enables you to play it your way and experiment.

Dishonored Game


There are lots of weapons to choose from including knives, swords and even a crossbow. Guns do make an appearance but are much more old fashioned than say BioShock and fit in with the style of the world setting.

You also get to use special powers which include teleporting, time control, being able to possess people and animals (yes, animals), and more.


The game also gets a few well known stars for the voice acting. The actors lending their voices to Dishonored are the likes of Michael Marsden, Brad Dourif, Susan Sarandon and Carrie Fisher.

The ability to mix and match a large variety of skills to accomplish your goals makes this a very unique proposition. It also looks to offer great combat, intelligence and depth, plus has the potential of a lot of replay value.

This is definitely a game to look out for.


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