FIFA Soccer 13 Review

FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer 13


The latest footballing instalment of the FIFA series, FIFA Soccer 13, has arrived once again. Can it be really a year ago since the last offering? Well, the answer is definitely yes and where did that year go. Oh, yes, most of it was spent playing FIFA 12.

What is there to look forward to in this year’s release?


There is better attacking intelligence, first touch control, complete dribbling, tactical free kicks, a new player impact engine and a new Skills Game. Plus there is PlayStation Move and Kinect compatibility.

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First Touch Control Mechanic

This affects the way players take hold of the ball on contact. Depending on whom the player is and what situation you find yourself in will contribute to how well you control the ball. This can make things a little unexpected but still playable.

Attacking Intelligence

Players will try and stay on side and pull defenders out of position and generally give you more attacking options. You can even send players on dummy runs to try and fool the opposition.

Complete Dribbling

FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

Players have precise dribbling skills and tighter control of the ball. This now allows you to be more creative when attacking and gives you more ability to dodge tackles and shield the ball from defenders.

Tactical Free Kicks

You can have several players over the ball in free kick situations. You can perform dummies and there are also more passing options. Defenders can be added or removed from a wall and you can also send a player to charge down the free kick.

Player Impact Engine

This gives an advantage to the defenders helping them use their strength to win the ball. This feeling of physicality is helped by other players not controlling the ball as well and gives you more of a chance to take away the ball from the attacker.

This time out if you have a PlayStation Move controller or a Kinect sensor then these can be utilised in the game.


Kinect does not go for motion control but allows you to use your voice to call substitutions or to arrange tactics. You even have to be careful of using offensive language or you will get punished by the referee. This addition to the Xbox game works well and is a good extra feature.

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move allows for motion control with the navigation controller while passes and shots are performed on the face buttons of the Move controller. The move controller also directs a cursor on the screen and this will affect the direction and power of your shooting and passing.

This controlling type system may seem okay but in reality it is not very instinctive and precise.

fifa 13 gameplay

Fifa 13 Gameplay

There is the new inclusion of Skill Games which help you learn how to play and can be fun at the same time. Football Club makes a return which gives you topical challenges throughout the season. There is a new service called Match Day where you have the ability to set the stats of the teams and players in relation to the current season.

FIFA Soccer 13 Verdict

Minor enhancements have made a great game even greater and FIFA Soccer 13 offers more fluidity in play and generally more excitement than FIFA 12. It’s a shame that when a game offers these minor enhancements that you have to pay full price for the current years offering. It would be nice to see that if you had the previous year’s game that you could just download the new one for half the price.

FIFA 13 does not look too different to last year’s offering but is still the best looking soccer game around, and most importantly, the best soccer game to date.