The Benefit of Copying Xbox 360 Games to Hard Drive and How To Do It

The Benefit of Copying Xbox 360 Games to Hard Drive

If you ever wondered what the benefit of copying Xbox 360 games to hard drive was then this post gives you the information and instructions on how to do it.

With the Xbox 360 hard drive sizes being as large as 250GB and 320GB then it gives the ability to store almost whatever you want. One thing you might want to do with all that space is install your disc games to the hard drive.

The main benefits to installing games on your Xbox 360 hard drive is to reduce the amount of disc access a game uses and it also makes for faster load times when playing games. It can also make for quieter operation of the console.

Games will usually take an average of 4GB to 8GB of hard disk space.

How to Install Xbox 360 Games to the Hard Drive

To install games to your hard drive then firstly make sure the disc you want is in the disc drive and the console is switched on.

If the game was not already in the drive then usually it will play automatically when you put it in the console. If this happens then just exit the game and go back to the Xbox dashboard.

Make sure you are on the Home screen on the Xbox dashboard and then highlight the game to install.

Select game details by pressing “X” on the controller.

This will then give you the option to play the game or install it onto the hard drive.

Once you have selected to install the game then a progress indicator will be displayed. It can take several minutes to install a game. If there is not enough space available to install your game then you will get a screen telling you this. You will then be given the option to free space by deleting other items.

After the install has completed then select “Play Now”. This will begin playing the game from your hard drive.

Note that you still have to leave the game disc in the console to play the game. The console has to check there is a valid game disc before it will play the game from the hard drive.

Original Xbox games cannot be copied to the hard drive.

That is all there is to it. Just repeat to install as many games as your hard drive will allow.