Xbox 360 Games for Sale

Xbox 360 Games for Sale

Xbox 360 Games For Sale

Xbox 360 Games For Sale

There are many different types of Xbox 360 games for sale, but if you are looking for the best games at the best prices then this post can help you find them.

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The cheapest Xbox 360 games can normally found by searching on the internet. Online you might find an Xbox 360 games clearance or a two for the price of one type offer. These will usually be games that have been released for awhile, but can still be great games nonetheless.

There are so many great games available that you do not always have to buy a recent release to think you are getting the latest and greatest. Call of Duty 4 is an old title now, but still is a great game and would not disappoint if you bought it in a used Xbox 360 games sale or as a cheap new purchase. Mass Effect is another game series, which would be a welcome addition to your game playing collection. Mass Effect 3 is the most current release, but if you have not played any of these before then you can get the first two games at a cheaper price. By the time you were to finish these then the latest one would have its price reduced also. With the Xbox 360 being an established console, you do not have to be waiting for new releases to get your gaming fix. There are so many titles out there now, you can always find something worth playing that you may not have experienced before.

Looking at current Xbox 360 Games on Sale

The best of the current Xbox 360 games are:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – This is a massive fantasy adventure where you get to explore a realistic world full of strange characters and Dragons! If there ever was a must have game then this is it.

Modern Warfare 3 – The latest instalment in the Call of Duty series carries on from where MW2 ends.  This all out shooter is as much about multiplayer as it is a single player experience.

Gears of War 3 – This is the last game in the trilogy. The science fiction action series allows you to shoot and fight your way through alien foes.

Batman: Arkham City – This is a great action game where you take on the role of, yes you guessed it, Batman!

Kinect Sports Season 2 – A game designed totally for the Kinect motion sensor.  This is the sequel to the original Kinect Sports. This enjoyable multi sports game is one of the best for a non controller type game. Some of the six sports you can play this time include golf, American football and tennis.

Xbox 360 Games for Sale

When you are looking at Xbox 360 games for sale then the latest ones are not always the best, and sometimes you will be better off purchasing a classic and wait for the newest video games to reduce in price.

R2D2 Xbox Limited Edition Bundle Deal

R2D2 Xbox

R2D2 Xbox

R2D2 Xbox

The new R2D2 Xbox 360 limited edition Kinect console is the one to own, for Star Wars and non Star Wars fans alike. This R2D2 themed Xbox is due to be released on the 3rd of April 2012.

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Star Wars Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Bundle

This console is modelled on the astromech R2D2 droid from the Star Wars films. It has a white and blue casing with the robots detailing for specific parts. The rings of light, which form around the power on touch switch, are now blue, as is the power on light. This console will also play some custom sounds from the lovable little robot. When you power the console on and off, it will play a R2 whistling beeping sound effect, and you will also get a similar sound when you open and close the game disc draw. One thing to look out for when you open the game disc draw is a quote from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I will put this in brackets below, at the bottom of this post, so as not to spoil it for people who want to find out for themselves what it is, when they buy the R2D2 Xbox Kinect bundle.

The wireless controller is modelled on R2-D2’s counterpart C3PO. This is Gold in color and has the graphic of exposed wires below the controls and buttons.

This all new Xbox 360 comes bundled with the Kinect motion sensor and the Star Wars Kinect game. There is also a wired headset, the Kinect Adventures game that always comes bundled with the Kinect sensor and the biggest Xbox 360 hard drive in existence. This is a whopping 320gb size.

The sensor is white in color and goes well with the consoles new custom look.

Kinect Star Wars Game

The Star Wars Kinect game lets you become a Jedi and use your powers to battle the droid soldiers of the Trade Federation. With one hand you can control the movements of your lightsaber and use the other hand to use your force powers.

There are several different game modes including a Pod racing game. This is based on the fast and exciting race featured in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The Kinect sensor will track your hand movements, for controlling the pod, so this is fun and easy to play, without using the normal controller.

R2D2 Xbox Limited Edition

If you are a Star Wars fan, this must be the best buy Xbox 360 with Kinect. Even if you are not a fan then this is a great bundle deal, especially with the size of the 320gb hard drive. I am sure a lot of kids would love to have an R2D2 Xbox to play their games on and I am also sure a lot of parents who grew up with Star Wars, would love it too.








(“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”)

Black Xbox 360 Best Console Price

Black Xbox 360

Black Xbox 360

Black Xbox 360

The Black Xbox 360 slim console is the most advanced Xbox yet. This sleek and slender black console is a lot smaller than the previous Xbox 360 Elite model. This console maybe smaller but comes packed with more features.

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The Original Black Xbox

The new matte black console looks a lot different to the original black Xbox. Released in 2001, the Xbox was the most powerful gaming console around. It may not have had the looks, but it packed a gaming punch like no other. The machine had some great launch titles, such as Halo: Combat Evolved and the first Project Gotham Racing. Compared to the black Xbox 360 controller of today, the original was a massive, chunky version, which didn’t fit too snugly in your hands.

The White Xbox 360

In November 2005 the white Xbox 360 was released. This console allowed you to play Xbox 360 games in high definition. It also had a removable hard drive for the first time. This became an optional extra when bought, as you could get an Arcade version without a hard drive. This console was launched with games such as Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2, Kameo: Elements of Power and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

The Black Xbox 360

2007 marked the arrival of the Xbox 360 Elite. This returned to the black colour of old and came with a bigger hard drive.  One year later a new interface arrives for the dashboard. This introduced Avatars for the first time.

In 2010 the Xbox 360 Slim is released. The newest Xbox has integrated Wi-Fi, loads of ports, including a dedicated connection for the Kinect motion sensor. On the 4th of November, of the same year, the Kinect sensor is released. You could purchase this alone or in a bundle deal with a new black Xbox 360. Eight million Kinect devices were sold in the first two months of release and it became the fastest-selling electronic device.

Limited Edition Consoles

If you fancy something completely different then you could always go for a Limited edition console.  These are usually themed around big Xbox 360 games. Most recently there was a Modern Warfare 3 limited edition and a Gears of War 3 limited edition. These consoles both have a massive 320GB hard drive, which is the largest of any Xbox. They will usually come with two customized wireless controllers and a copy of the game the console is themed on. When compared to black Xbox 360 prices then these can be quite expensive.

When looking to the future, it is not clear if the next generation console will be the same colour and shape as the current black Xbox 360, but I am sure it will be very desirable.

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb Best Console Deal

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb

The Xbox 360 slim 250gb console is currently the best black Xbox model available to buy. Find out the best price availability right here.

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Xbox 360 Slim Console

This console comes equipped with everything you need in a modern day gaming system. This slim version has a large 250GB hard drive, which is small, lightweight and removable.  It will allow you to save games and store games rather than reading from the game disc.The big hard drive will also give you enough space to store your music and movies.

The unit comes with built in Wi-Fi and so now you are able to place your Xbox anywhere in the home, as long as you have a wireless router. You can still hard wire the console, to the Ethernet port, if you don’t have a wireless connection. This is always the best way to connect to the internet where possible.

This latest version comes in a black matte finish. The previous version was a Gloss finish, but has now been discontinued as this seemed to show too many smudges and fingerprints.

This new slim Xbox 360 comes with touch buttons for switch on and for opening the disc tray. It is also is a lot quieter than previous models and so it is not as noisy when watching a DVD movie on it.

The console comes with a matching black wireless controller and headset. You get 5 USB ports, a HDMI port for High Definition gaming. If you do not have a HD TV then you do get a composite A/V cable for a standard definition picture.

There is a dedicated port for the Kinect sensor. You can also buy an Xbox 360 slim 250gb Kinect bundle which will include the Kinect sensor. This can be cheaper than buying the console and sensor separately.

Xbox Live

Most new Xbox consoles will come with a free month of Xbox Live Gold membership. This is the online service for the console. With a Gold membership you can play games against, or with, other people online. You can watch movies and sports and use social media sites like facebook and twitter. With Xbox Live you can download extra content for games or even download a complete new one. You can also download demos of new games for free and try them before you buy them.

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb Review

The Xbox 360 slim console is an overall great gaming machine. It has fantastic games to choose from and provides great multiplayer experiences online. You can make this console the centre of your entertainment hub and with its smaller sleek design; it can fit just about anywhere.

Are there any bad points? Well, you do have to pay a small price for the Xbox Live Gold membership to benefit from the online capabilities and it only comes with a DVD drive and not a Blu-ray one. You can however, watch HD movies downloaded or streamed from the internet.

The older white Xbox 360 model was quite well known for the ‘Ring of death’ fault, where you got all 4 red lights around the power on button. You had to send the console back to Microsoft to get it fixed and they would repair it free of charge, even when out of its warranty. Microsoft has seemed to have learnt their lesson on this, and the newer models, like the Xbox 360 slim 250gb, are now more reliable than they used to be. The console does come with a 1 year warranty if you do experience any problems.

Xbox 360 Sale

Xbox 360 Sale – Best Buy Deals Online

Xbox 360 Sale

Xbox 360 Sale

Always searching for an Xbox 360 sale? Always find low prices on a new Xbox 360 console or Xbox 360 games right here.

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One of the best ways to get a cheap Xbox 360 is to go for an Xbox 360 bundle. Package deals usually offer better prices than buying separately. With a bundle deal you can get an Xbox 360 250gb hard drive rather than the standard 4gb internal storage, free games and even free access to Xbox LIVE Gold for a few months. You could even choose the Xbox 360 bundle with Kinect to give you even more of a saving.

Black Friday Sale

A good time to buy a new Xbox 360 is around Thanksgiving. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season.  Sometimes sales continue for not just a day but a Black Friday week and now there’s even a Cyber Monday to encourage sales online which follows the Black Friday. You sometimes have to be quick to get the deal you want because some Xbox 360 sale offers for games, accessories and consoles may be for a limited time.

Xbox 360 Kinect on Sale

If you already own an Xbox 360 and are looking to buy the Kinect sensor on its own then you can sometimes find good deals on this with extra games. Normally the Xbox 360 Kinect for sale will come with just one game which is Kinect Adventures. Be on the lookout for the Kinect sensor with more games for the same price as normal or it may be a little more expensive, but cheaper than buying the games separately.

Xbox 360 Pre-order

By pre-ordering an Xbox console or if you pre-order Xbox 360 games then sometimes you can receive a bonus for doing so. This could be in the form of a game credit towards your next purchase from a online retailer or maybe it will be certain downloadable content for a game that might not be available elsewhere.

Xbox Limited Edition Consoles

There are occasions when a custom Limited Edition or Special Edition Console will be released. One of the most recent releases is a White console, which comes in the form of a 4GB Kinect Sports Special Edition bundle. This is packaged with 2 Kinect games, including Kinect Sports, a white Kinect sensor and a white wireless controller, to match the Xbox slim 4GB console.

Now sometimes the prices for these custom types are quite high when they are first released, but once again, if you are prepared to wait a few months then usually they can be reduced in price.

R2D2 Xbox 360 for Sale

If you are looking for an Xbox 360 for sale and you are also a Star Wars fan then you could always go for the new R2D2 Xbox limited edition console. This includes a Kinect sensor and the Star Wars Kinect game.

Xbox 360 Sale – Finding the Best Deal Tips

You can check out your local stores to get an idea of the retail price of say an Xbox 360 slim console or for Xbox 360 games. Try searching retailer stores online that are popular, like Amazon who feature regular Xbox 360 deals, and compare the prices.  If you are new to online shopping then buying from a well known reputable online retailer may give you more peace of mind but if you are a little more adventurous you may find some good Xbox 360 prices on auction sites like ebay.

Finding an Xbox 360 sale sometimes takes a little research but can be well worth the effort in the savings you can make.